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Created specially for The Knowledge

Knowledgepics helps individuals to revise and learn The Blue Book to become an All London Taxi Driver.

As the brain remembers image more effectively than words we associate all of our ‘points’ with pictures helping you to memorize points easier.

This is the only Knowledge website with ‘Picture Points.’

‘Picture Points’ assists with identifying and most importantly remembering key locations around London.

When learning The Blue Book it’s very important to call over the ‘Runs’ and Revise ‘Points’ frequently. KnowledgePics gives users that opportunity by having easy access to view PDF ‘Runs’ and Picture Points anytime anywhere via mobile, tablet or computer.

Just Download and Printout ‘Runs’ when your ready to go out on your moped. (Remember safety gear)

Learn The Blue Book with KnowledgePics to be always on point